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Caregiver Support

Who Are Family Caregivers?  


Almost a third of the adult U.S. population is a caregiver for an ill or disabled relative. Caregiving can be a very rewarding and bonding experience, but it can also be very stressful. The stress gets worse if the caregiver has other important and pressing responsibilities, such as a job, children to care for, a busy social life, or some distance to travel to care for their elderly relative.

While caregiving can be a genuinely rewarding experience, the caregivers often face common challenges that leave them overwhelmed, anxious and/or intimidated by their duties. Some of these challenges a family caregiver faces are:

  • Managing their time.

  • Emotional and physical stress.

  • Lack of privacy.

  • Financial strain.

  • Sleep deprivation.

  • Depression and isolation.

It’s important to seek a balance between caregiving and your own life. Trying to handle the responsibilities of caregiving yourself can lead to burnout and stress-related health problems.


Working together, I will provide you support that can help you understand your undertaking, give direction and find balance.

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